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Real Estate Title Company in Tampa

Are hidden hazards lurking in your title? Whether you plan to buy residential or commercial property, you need to have real estate title insurance. La Maison Title, LLC is a real estate title company in Tampa that protects lenders, homeowners, and commercial property owners against financial losses due to title defects.

If you do not have title insurance, then you could end up paying for your property but losing it all, including your money, if serious problems with title are found. Some of the common title problems result from:

• Wills, Trust, & Deeds That Use Improper Wording or Incorrect Names
• Unresolved Mortgages & Judgments
• Liens on the Property Because Seller Has Failed to Pay Taxes
• Easements That Permit Road Construction or Utility Line Installation
• Impending Legal Action Concerning the Property That Could Affect a Buyer
• Incorrect Notary Acknowledgments
• Forged Signature on the Deed, Resulting in No Legal Transfer of Ownership to You
• Unknown Heir Who Claims Ownership of the Property
• Sale Performed under an Expired or a Fake Power of Attorney
• Mistakes in the Public Records

Real Estate Title Insurance in Tampa, FL

Two Types of Real Estate Title Insurance

Enjoy the property you've purchased without fear of losing it. There a many cases every year where homeowners or business owners lose their properties due to problematic title defects. Financial loss also occurs for mortgage brokers that lend money to buyers. The best way to eliminate loss is by getting owner's title insurance and lender's title insurance. One policy protects you against title loss; the other protects the mortgage company.

Experienced Real Estate Title Agent & Attorney

Protect your largest investment by putting your trust in our experienced real estate title agent who is also an attorney. Having more than 13 years of experience in the legal field, she stands behind her clients both monetarily and with legal defense if a title problem arises.

As the attorney owner of the company, she has a wealth of experience in real estate law, title insurance, and real estate closings. Due to the fact that real estate transactions are overseen by many state and federal statutes, it's important to use a title agent that is familiar with the law and this specialty real estate field. If any title problems occur, our attorney has the knowledge and experience to provide the insight and service you need to protect your finances.

Contact us if you need a real estate title agent before purchasing property. We proudly serve clients in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Carrollwood, and Brandon, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.