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Lender's Title Insurance in Tampa

Congratulations! You found a perfect home for your family. Before signing the paperwork, you'll need to take out lender's title insurance in Tampa. Doing so ensures your mortgage broker is covered if there is a defect on your title that causes you to lose the property. At La Maison Title, LLC, we also offer homeowner's title insurance that protects property owners from financial losses due to title problems.

Loan Title Insurance in Tampa, FL

You Need a Lender's Title Insurance Policy

Most mortgage lenders require you to have a lender's title insurance policy when purchasing or refinancing a property, as well as using real property as collateral. This type of title insurance protects only the lender should a serious problem with the title arise. Keep in mind, the lender is the one named as the insured on the policy, not you—the buyer. That's why you also need an owner's policy.

For instance, if a lien was missed or fraud has occurred with the sale, your lender is protected under loan title insurance. However, you are not. When it's time to buy a home and your lender needs title insurance, make sure to buy homeowner's title insurance too. Contact our team for help in determining a policy that is right for you.

Comprehensive Loan Title Insurance

Trust out team to ensure your home-buying experience is stress-free and enjoyable. One of the best away to accomplish this is by getting loan title insurance. It ensures that you can get a loan because it protects your lender in the event of problem. Since most lenders need you to open a loan policy when issuing a mortgage loan, you need an experienced title agent to help you choose the best lender's title insurance policy for your needs. Depending on the value of your home and other factors, we'll determine a policy that provides comprehensive coverage.

Legal Assistance with Lender's Title Insurance

Not all title agents are lawyers. While the job does not require a law degree, a person who has one is set apart from the rest. Our title agent is a seasoned attorney with many years of experience in real estate law. Not only is she fully capable of helping her clients determine the right lender's title insurance to get, but she provides legal defense if a problem arises. You're in good hands when you depend on our firm for title insurance.

Contact us for more information about our lender's and homeowner's title insurance policies. We proudly serve clients in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Carrollwood, and Brandon, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.